We offer webinars or in-person training specialized for your facility and staff.


You will learn…

  • The Benefits of Safestor
  • How to tell your tenants about Safestor
  • How to sign your customers up for Safestor
  • What to do when a claim occurs
  • How to order materials for your facility
  • How to reconcile at month’s end
  • How to maximize Ponderosa Insurance’s services
  • Optimal marketing material placement
  • Steps to increasing Safestor participation
  • State Licensing requirements and compliance (if applicable)

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How to Offer Safestor

Working with Safestor is a simple process. This short video will give you an overview on how to offer tenant insurance to your customers, the month’s end process, and what to do if there is a loss.

How to handle a claim

This video will explain what to do if there is a loss at your facility. Your customers can file a claim by phone at (877) 528-5674, or online from any computer, tablet, or smart phone.