Safestor Tenant Insurance protects the tenant's contents stored at your self-storage facilities while reducing your liability exposure.

Become A Member

By becoming a Safestor member, your facility will increase revenue and receive the peace of mind that all claims communication can go directly to Ponderosa’s 24/7 claims support. This allows you get back to focusing on your business.

  • Higher tenant insurance participation
  • Reduces facility's liability exposure
  • Increases revenue
  • No minimums or quotas
  • Free marketing materials
  • Free employee training

Generate Revenue

Safestor is the most affordable customer tenant insurance in the market today. By offering lower monthly rates, Safestor creates higher Tenant Insurance participation and Increases the Facilities overall revenue and peace of mind.

Protect Your Facility

Offering Safestor Tenant Insurance is the most efficient way to protect your business from having to deal with tenant problems. By simply providing the option to the tenant, you are protecting your business from exhausting tenant claims and legal backlash.

Customer Service

Ponderosa puts customer service first with 200+ claims representatives and 24/7 claims support. Anytime a tenant brings you a claim, you can instruct them to reach out to our claims team at
1-(800) 528-7134 or .
Your tenants will be able to quickly file claims right from their smart phone or tablet.

That is why we are #1 in claims!

Protect Your Tenants

Your tenants may be between homes, and a large percentage does not have any coverage in place, offering Safestor provides your tenants with a solid solution.

Sometimes tenants think the unit contents are covered by a homeowners or renters insurance policy. However, certain items like commercial or business property is generally excluded from those policies.

Safestor is an affordable way for your customers to protect their contents. The deductible is only $100 and the premium never increases even when there is a loss. Check out the list of what Safestor Tenant Insurance covers.

Additionally, tenants may be unaware of the high deductible or risk of a premium increase if they claim a loss on a homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Free Marketing Materials

Safestor provides free marketing materials to educate your customers about the advantages of obtaining tenant insurance. You can choose addendums, posters, stickers, training manuals for your staff, and more!

Make sure to keep an eye on when Safestor materials start to get low.

Free Employee Training

The Ponderosa Team offers training webinars or employee training specialized for your facility and staff.

Training covers:

  • Benefits of Safestor
  • How to tell your tenants about Safestor
  • How to sign your customers up for Safestor
  • What to do when a claim occurs
  • How to order materials for your facility
  • How to reconcile at month’s end

  • How to maximize Ponderosa Insurance’s services
  • Optimal marketing material placement
  • Steps to increasing Safestor participation
  • State Licensing requirements and compliance (if applicable)